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Once per week, you’ll receive a simple, seven-question survey where you can rank how you’re feeling in different areas that impact your mental health.

Your responses to these questions are completely anonymous and are delivered to your leader, who can view group data. This will allow your leaders to receive feedback from you, influence the culture, and adjust schedules and plans as necessary to ensure they are protecting your mental well-being and supporting you in performing at your highest level.

Executive Leadership / Human Resources

Your dashboard will provide an overview of all your departments and leaders, ultimately giving you a better understanding of the culture within each team.

This will assist you in keeping track of larger trends in mental health stressors across all departments and monitor the success your managers are having while incorporating mental health into their leadership strategies.


Once a week, employees are asked to complete a survey on their phone about their mental health over the past week. The results, available on your dashboard, will give you a snapshot of how your team is feeling about different stressors that impact their capacity to perform. The report is created through individual employees’ anonymous input. For each of the six stressors, you’ll receive suggestions and information about how you can best support your team, however they report feeling. The results of the survey will allow you to ensure you are moving towards optimum team culture and performance.

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