Addressing the culture, supporting mental health

Workplaces around the world are beginning to understand the importance of employee mental health. But to see real change, we need to move beyond simply raising awareness and expecting the employee to individually address the issues. It is time to be better informed around the stressors that specifically impact employee mental health and see the culture as part of the solution.

HONE creates the opportunity for more accountability and collaboration between organizations, leaders, and employees, ultimately shifting workplace culture to better support employee mental health.

Employee mental health impacts workplace success just as much as skills and experience.

Many workplaces put major emphasis on developing the skills and abilities of employees. Yet, little emphasis is placed on the culture that impacts the employees’ ability to manage stressors. Don’t let unknown levels of stress keep your team from greatness. HONE in.

The Hard Facts

On average, mental health issues account for


of short-term disability claims and 30% of long-term disability claims in Canada.



people experience a mental health concern in any given year in Canada. Of that 7.2 million, 1.5 million report not receiving proper mental health care.

The prevalence of claims for mental health diagnosis is climbing by


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